The Awards dinner was also very inspiring, the speeches given where so moving and it was so clear the level of authenticity and influence each Award winner’s life work has. I am so glad I could meet my mentor in person, I am in awe of who Rebecca is, and looking forward to being mentored.
— Tahlia Rossi - Advance Global Australian Awards Mentee - 2016
A great line up of people with fabulous stories
— Caroline Farmer - 2016
Both the summit and the awards were unbelievable, inspiring, and truly something unique and powerful.
— Ethan Schiff, Co-Founder & CEO, New Torch Entertainment - 2016
I wanted to say just how much I enjoyed the Summit. It was fabulous. The key, I think, was the diversity of the guests which made for a rich array of stimuli.
— Professor Gregory Whitwell, Dean, The University of Sydney Business School - 2016
What a great night! Fantastic award winners and a lovely evening - venue was terrific too.
— Andy Bateman, Founder & CEO, Everyone - 2016
I was not previously aware of the amazing organisation...Advance, nor the fantastic annual event that you run, but on Friday I was very impressed by the speakers and the whole event.
— Amanda Choy, Founder, Sustainabiz - 2016
It was such a wonderful morning on Friday last week to listen to all those incredible people. I loved it - it really lifted my spirits and curiosity - I felt super charged again.
— Susan MacKinnon, Documentary Producer and Executive Producer - 2016
Congratulations again on an amazing Advance. A truly inspiring event, and so much of the day and night has stayed with me. I was thrilled to attend.
— Ruth Ritchie - 2016
I must compliment you all on a brilliant, inspiring, fun and patriotic Awards dinner the past Friday in Sydney. A truly outstanding evening and congratulations to you and your global team.
— Tom Pascarella, Allen Partners - 2016
I’m writing to thank you for the opportunity to attend the Advance Summit. I really enjoyed listening to the speakers. I was so moved by Dr Alison Thomson that I was nearly brought to tears. The energy she brings to her work is really special! So glad to see that she won the award for Social Impact.
— Alexia Lidas - 2016
What a blast Friday night was! Advance is indeed a very special organisation with exceptional people at the helm.
— Mandy Drury - Internationally renowned journalist - 2016
Bravo!!! That was a great night, the winners and their speeches were amazing! The whole evening was well done and full of a generosity of spirit.
— Michael Sternberg - 2016
The Summit was impressive, enjoyable, informative and inspiring. Loved the pace, the format and the diversity of panelists. Congratulations.
— Ros Moriarty, Managing Director, Balarinji - 2016
I just watched all the interviews and highlights of the awards. All the winners have fascinating stories and great they can be viewed thousands of miles away on a mine site in the Gobi desert! I thought all the video profiles were both funny and entertaining. Every winner seemed to decide what they wanted to do when they were a kid and followed that interest to where they are today.
— James Ridout, Commercial Manager, Hard Commodities, Noble Group - 2015
Thanks so much to you and your team for another great year of awards. I cried at least 3 times. Love it. And Baz was awesome.
— Joanne Gray, Editor, BOSS - 2014
The extraordinary stories and achievements of the winners would never be recognised without this program and you and the team are doing Australia a great service. Thank you.
— Craig Davis, Founder, - 2014
I really enjoyed being involved and loved the dinner last night – Julia Zemiro was a fantastic MC! The Award Winners were inspiring and I think Advance plays a very significant role in highlighting their achievements and talent as well as encouraging other Australians to get out there on the world stage and make a difference.
— Kim McKay AO, Director and CEO, Australian Museum - 2014
Thursday evening was such a fabulous event and not only did I love Julia, I thought the video intro of each of the nominees was fabulous (and the nominees themselves) and I was also very impressed with Baz and his speech.
— Marguerite Julian, Founder and Managing Director, Stellar* - 2014