About Me

Hello welcome to my incridible site Global Australian Awards (GAA) my name is Lina as the owner of this site. Here i would introduce you some of my favorite part in this site. Here i would introduce you some of my favorite part in this site. As you know from the blog site, I am very interested in the world of online gambling, which is the game most enjoyed by adults. So because of this I also want to commit to providing a variety of guides, stories and other excitement about online gambling including online lottery which I really focus on and I like to be on this site.

First time I got to know online lottery was the day my father went to a super market in my city to buy a lottery ticket which changed my life and gave me a goal to share my fun with all my friends. including every reader of this site. And why has this changed my life? yes because in the first ticket it is a pretty big win. Even though it’s not a mega jackpot that many people expected, it turns out that the money has helped me pay off my 1 year of school fees and really helped our family.

Then when I grew up thanks to that miracle I always did various researches to make my victory easier. And from there I started to make my first lottery site, GlobalAustralianAwards.com, which became my reference for getting the best partner partners in the lottery field to produce perfect research in this online gambling field.

So that’s a little story I built this site but since the last few years I have gathered a variety of the best partners in this field and finally have perfected our research in various fields of online gambling games and produced much higher win rates in every strategy we put out in here. And for all of you readers of this site are also welcome to join us in every community that we hold every month. And to register for this community you can just contact me on the contact page.

At every meeting our community will support each other’s followers to increase their chances of winning in every game. Not only that, here we also teach you various ways to overcome your financial management. We will also provide our best material that applies slowly in order to be able to help every fan of this game, from beginner to professional stages.

And especially for those of you who need help, you can directly visit the learn with me page.